Technology Consulting

Services / Consulting

• Information Architecture
• SharePoint Development
• Information Security

Information Architecture

We know that IA's provide a lot of value to organizations worldwide. However, the role of an IA is different between organizations. In an agile environment, Palace Gate Information Architects work to achieve the following:

• Evolve Ideas
• Facilitate envisioning process
• Interpret requirements
• Build consensus
• Drive progress
• Increase developer efficiency

SharePoint Development

SharePoint can get your business to the next level of efficiency with the necessary integration of tools and solutions. Our SharePoint consultants consistently push the limits of SharePoint programming to generate robust solutions that are secure, modular, fast, and user friendly. Palace Gate offers expert consultants across various industries to provide the following:

• Network design
• Server design
• Access and security
• Installation of Software application
• In-house or Data Center Implementation
• Shared vs. Dedicated Servers
• Redundancy and Clustering
• Backups and Restore
• Load Balancing
• Infrastructure management and monitoring
• Migration
• Patch management
• 24/7 Support
• Disaster recovery

Information Security

Palace Gate offers information security architecture assessment & design services to help organizations move into the next generation of well-designed and well-managed security, privacy, and compliance solutions. As trusted advisors, the Palace Gate team reduces time, cost, and risk in order to achieve your organization's information security needs. These services include the following:

• Technical architecture gap analysis
• Design and requirement facilitated work-sessions
• Evaluate current architecture
• Evaluate cloud service models and designing new controls
• Determine the most cost effective way to bring forth significant improvement
• Evaluate new technology to determine optimal solutions